Pitt Meadows is a city in the southwestern region of the Canadian province of British Colombia. It has a population of 18,573. The District of Pitt Meadows was only incorporated in 2007, as the city of Pitt Meadows, however, the centennial anniversary of its incorporation as a municipality was held in 2014. Pitt Meadows is located east of Vancouver and most of the land is located within the BC Agricultural Land Reserve. One claim to fame for Pitt Meadows is that much of the movie Happy Gilmore was filmed at the Swan-e-set Bay Resort and Country Club.

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Pitt Meadows Schools

Because Pitt Meadows is a relatively smaller area, there are only a few primary and secondary schools in the district. It is well known, however, for its basketball and hockey programs. Occasionally, these programs can count as an alternative to a Physical Education class. There are also many specialized opportunities including language programs, special needs support services, and the Thomas Haney Center. The Thomas Haney Center is a first of Canadian education and contains a secondary school and a college campus in one location.

Recreation & Parks in Pitt Meadows

Recreation opportunities are many in Pitt Meadows, especially considering 86% of the land is in the Green Zone. The Green Zone incorporates watersheds, wildlife habitats, and recreational areas in Metro Vancouver. The Alouette, Fraser, and Pitt Rivers surround the city of Pitt Meadows, making boating and fishing opportunities extremely popular. A system of trails along the rivers offers diverse hiking areas for adventure seekers of all levels.

Pitt Meadows Weather

Pitt Meadows enjoys summers that are warm and dry, while the winters are wet and cool. The warm Alaska Current and the many mountain ranges keep temperatures comfortable for most of the year. Due to the proximity of the mountain slopes, precipitation in Pitt Meadows is above normal, with an average of over sixty-seven inches a year.

Pitt Meadows Local Amenities

Pitt Meadows is located among several rapidly growing communities and can take advantage of local parks, town centers, theaters, and festivals. The ACT Arts Center and Theater is a multi-use location for studios, and plays, and is the arts hub for community. Pitt Meadows has sought to make itself extremely bike-friendly and as such, has added many miles of bike lanes and has increased bike accessibility to many of its businesses and community areas. The Cottonwood BMX and Community Park is the perfect place to meet other bike enthusiasts.

Pitt Meadows Real Estate

Pitt Meadows offers an incredible quality of life with one of the highest average household incomes and the lowest residential taxation in greater Vancouver. The median price is $724,900 for a three-bedroom home, and $294,350 for an apartment. The real estate market in Pitt Meadows is growing and consumers are buying homes and properties faster than they can be listed, but because there are fewer homes available, the market is leaning towards benefiting the seller.

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