Coquitlam is the sixth largest city in the Canadian province of British Columbia, with a population of 139,284. Located in the lower mainland of British Columbia, Coquitlam received the honor of being named the Cultural Capital of Canada in 2009. Coquitlam is considered part of the Tri-Cities area that includes Port Coquitlam and Port Moody.

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Coquitlam Schools

Link to more information about the Student Programs with the Coquitlam School District #43.

School Performance and Rankings by the Fraser Institute.

The Fraser Institute’s school rankings website provides a detailed report on how each school is doing in academics compared to other ranked schools. It also shows whether the school’s results are improving, declining, or just staying steady over the most recent five years.

Private Schools in the area include:

Traditional Learning Academy (Catholic)

Royal Bridge High School

Queen of All Saints Elementary School (Catholic)

Children of Integrity Montessori Academy

Our Lady of Fatima School / Ecole Notre Dame de Fatima (English and French Immersion Catholic School)

国际教育局 Coquitlam School District’s International Education Program

Mediated Learning Academy

Recreation & Parks

Whether your recreational interests lie in the great outdoors or within air-conditioned walls, Coquitlam delivers. From the many hiking and biking trails to the more adventuresome ziplining and caving, the adrenaline junkie will find no shortage of things to do.

There are over eighty municipal and regional parks, and both fresh and seawater beaches in neighboring towns. Charter a fishing boat and catch dinner next door in Vancouver or listen to your favorite musician at the outdoor amphitheater in Heritage Square.

Enjoy each spring and summer by attending different festivals such as the Festival du Bois in March and the Blue Mountain Music Festival in July. The community of Maillardville offers programs on French language and culture, while the nearby Town Center Park offers recreational activities for residents in the center of the city.

Coquitlam Weather

Coquitlam enjoys unexpectedly mild temperatures due to its location in the warmest region of Canada. The summers are warm and dry while the winters are wet and cool. Precipitation in Coquitlam is above normal due to the proximity of the mountain slopes. The warm Alaska Current and the many mountain ranges keep temperatures comfortable for much of the year.

Local Amenities in Coquitlam

Arts, culture, and sports abound in Coquitlam. From the ice rink for the professional hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks, to the baseball fields hosting the Junior League Canadian Championships, there is plenty for everyone to enjoy, both on the field and in the stands.

There are theaters and art centers including the Molson Canadian Theater, which seats over 1,000 people, and the Evergreen Cultural Centre, the home of the Coastal Sound Music Academy and the Stage 43 Theatrical Society.

Coquitlam Real Estate

Coquitlam offers residents a variety of choices when it comes to real estate options. You’ll find single-family homes, rural properties, townhouses, and condominiums. The average sale price of a 3-bedroom detached home is $1.1 Million. The average sale price of a 3-bedroom townhouse is $876,000. The average sale price of a 3-bedroom condominium is $601,000. Keep in mind that sale prices fluctuate with market trends. So, it’s a good idea to check monthly market reports to stay informed.

Coquitlam City, Maps, Parks, Taxes, Planning, Public Safety…

Follow this link to the City of Coquitlam Home page.

Find information about Coquitlam:

Recreation Parks & Culture

Find out more about a variety of sports and recreation programs and activities for all ages.

City Services

Coquitlam online eServices provide interactive maps, Online services to pay bills, claim the home owner grant, donate to the Animal Shelter and many other online services.

Property Inquiry System

You are now able to view information related to properties located in the city. You can:

Check property assessments,
View legal property descriptions,
View property tax and utility levies.

City Hall

Coquitlam’s Mayor &Council, Departments, Strategic Planning, Environment, Bylaws, Career and Volunteering, Bid Opportunities and news and Media

Public Safety

Fire & Rescue, RCMP, Emergency Preparedness, Public Health, Wildlife & Pest Management, Winter Wise (helping people cope with the challenges in winter)

City Planning and Development

Planning and development resources, Community Plans, Licences and Permits

Business & Tourism

Business Services, Resources, Strategic planning and Success Stories.


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