6 Steps to Selling a Home

Selling your house can be an enjoyable and profitable experience when you’re prepared and have the right real estate agent on your side. Check out these six steps to selling a home before you begin the selling process. 📲 How to Find Agents for Selling Houses Finding the best real estate agent with whom to … Continued

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent to Sell a House

If you’re like most Canadians, you have a significant portion of your net worth tied up in your home – that’s why it’s important to choose a real estate agent who you can count on to help you achieve the best possible price when selling your house. Not only will the right agent make sure … Continued

Best Restaurants in Coquitlam

Are you trying to find a restaurant for your upcoming birthday dinner? Maybe friends or family are coming in from out of town. Do you get hungry while running errands and shopping? Coquitlam, BC has many wonderful restaurants to suit you and your family, but it can be hard to choose. Using Yelp can help … Continued