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One of the things I say to all of my first-time clients is: ” Choose a real estate agent you like; trust and enjoy their company.” This is the most important financial commitment you are going to make. You need someone in your corner who is working in your best interest. When you have a real estate that you know you can trust and have confidence in, you may actually have fun in the process.

Residential real estate is my area of expertise. As I have sold real estate for so long, I have found my clients have moved to all different areas of the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley. I have made those journeys with them.

I can guide a home buyer from the beginning to the end of the whole process, with no gaps in between. I have full confidence that they know and understand exactly where they are going and what they can afford. It is so much easier having one person to ask all the questions, instead of going to so many different resources.