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•Step 9 – Closing the Sale

Once approved, lender instructs the solicitor.

  All conditions of your offer are to be met, complete home inspection obtain mortgage approval

  Land survey is obtained and/or Title Insurance

  Lawyer searches title

  Check into taxes and Liens

  Arrange your utilities

  Go to your lawyer to sign final documentation shortly   before your closing date

Mortgage proceeds advanced to lawyer “In Trust” by lender

 Your lawyer and your seller’s lawyer exchange on closing day, documents, funds, and register all documents on title

 You meet with your realtor for your new house keys and move








Closing Cost Worksheet:



Purchase Price:             $______________



Deposit with Realtor:    - $______________



Net Mortgage Amount: - $______________


Legal Fees:                     $______________


Property Transfer Tax:    $______________


GST/HST:                        $______________


Appraisal Fee:                  $______________


Survey Certificate:            $______________


Tax Adjustment:                $______________


Interest Adjustment:          $______________


Total Closing Cost:         $______________

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