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Delta School District

The Delta School District has 24 elementary schools, 7 secondary schools with nearly 16,000 students. The district also maintains the Delview Adult Centre and the delta Resource Centre.
Delta Elementary Schools

Annieville Elementary K-7 English

9240 - 112 Street
Delta, British Columbia
V4C 4X8
phone: 604 588 1204
fax: 604 588 1206
Principal: Wendy Shields

Beach Grove Elementary K-7 English

5955 - 17A Avenue

Delta, British Columbia
V4L 1J7
phone: 604-943-0108
fax: 604-943-0166
Principal: Rachael Corneil

Brooke Elementary K-7 English

8718 Delwood Drive

Delta, British Columbia
phone: 604-583-6668
fax: 604-583-2503
Principal: Lorraine Harrison

Chalmers Elementary K-7 English, 6 & 7 Late French Immersion

11315 75 Avenue

Delta, British Columbia
V4C 1H4
phone: 604-594-5437
fax: 604-594-5391
Principal: Ken Levenstein

Cliff Drive Elementary K-7 English, 6 & 7 Late French Immersion

5025 - 12 Avenue
Delta, British Columbia
V4M 2A7
phone: 604-943-2244
fax: 604-943-8574
Principal: Joanne Keller

Cougar Canyon Elementary K-7 English

11664 Lyon Road
Delta, British Columbia
V4E 2K4
phone: 604-591-8676
fax: 604-597-2361
Principal: Ashif Jiwa
Devon Gardens Elementary K-7 English, K-7 French Immersion, Montessori
8884 Russell Drive
Delta, British Columbia
V4C 4P8
phone: 604-581-6185
fax: 604-581-0074
Principal: David Hope

English Bluff Elementary K-7 English

402 English Bluff Road
Delta, British Columbia
V4M 2N2
phone: 604-943-0201
fax: 604-943-9421
Principal: Michelle Smith

Gibson Elementary K-7 English

11451 - 90 Avenue
Delta, British Columbia
V4C 3H3
phone: 604-594-7588
fax: 604-572-5971
Principal: Warren Zerbe

Gray Elementary K-7 English

10855 - 80 Avenue
Delta, British Columbia
V4C 1W4
phone: 604-594-2474
fax: 604-594-1731
Principal: Zena Ray

Hawthorne Elementary K-7 English

5160 Central Avenue
Delta, British Columbia
V4K 2H2
phone: 604-946-7601
fax: 604-946-3016
Principal: Matt Carruthers

Heath Traditional Elementary K-7 English

11364 - 72 Avenue
Delta, British Columbia
V4E 1Y5
phone: 604-596-1508
fax: 604-596-1643
Principal: Tom McGrory

Hellings Elementary K-7 English

11655 - 86 Avenue
Delta, British Columbia
V4C 2X5
phone: 604-596-1701
fax: 604-572-5976
Principal: Taj Reel

Holly Elementary K-7 English

4625 - 62 Street
Delta, British Columbia
V4K 3L8
phone: 604-946-0218
fax: 604-946-8375
Principal: Vikki Chapman

Jarvis Traditional Elementary K-7 English

7670 - 118 Street
Delta, British Columbia
V4C 6G8
phone: 604-594-3484
fax: 604-597-2516
Principal: John Mann

Ladner Elementary K-7 English, K-7 French Immersion

5016 - 44 Avenue
Delta, British Columbia
V4K 1C1
phone: 604-946-4158
fax: 604-946-4150
Principal: Jeff McCallum

McCloskey Elementary K-7 English

11531 - 80 Avenue
Delta, British Columbia
V4C 1X5
phone: 604-596-9554
fax: 604-596-5286
Principal: Bonnie Nelmes

Neilson Grove Elementary K-7 English

5500 Admiral Boulevard
Delta, British Columbia
V4K 5B7
phone: 604-940-4468
fax: 604-940-0414
Principal: Bob Thompson

Pebble Hill Traditional Elementary K-7 English

246 - 52A Street
Delta, British Columbia
V4M 2Z8
phone: 604-943-0228
fax: 604-943-8276
Principal: Claire Clancy

Pinewood Elementary K-7 English, Home Learning Program for K-7

11777 Pinewood Drive
Delta, British Columbia
V4E 3E9
phone: 604-590-3357
fax: 604-597-4881
Principal: Cathy Hussey

Port Guichon Elementary K-7 English

4381 - 46A Street
Delta, British Columbia
V4K 2M2
phone: 604-946-0321
fax: 604-946-0322
Principal: Mark Douangchanh

Richardson Elementary K-7 English, K-7 French Immersion

11339 - 83 Avenue
Delta, British Columbia
V4C 7B9
phone: 604-596-7481
fax: 604-594-3164
Principal: Janet Lauman

South Park Elementary K-7 English, K-7 French Immersion

735 Gilchrist Drive
Delta, British Columbia
V4M 3L4
phone: 604-943-1105
fax: 604-943-5019
Principal: Elaine Greenhalgh

Sunshine Hills Elementary K-7 English, K-7 French Immersion

11285 Bond Boulevard
Delta, British Columbia
V4E 1N3
phone: 604-594-8491
fax: 604-594-3815
Principal: Rick Hall
Delta Secondary Schools

Burnsview Secondary English 8-12, French Immersion 8-12

7658 - 112 Street
Delta, British Columbia
V4C 4V8
phone: 604-594-0491
fax: 604-594-6352
Principal: Don Younger

South Delta Secondary 8-12 English, French Immersion 8 - 12

750 - 53 Street
Delta, British Columbia
V4M 3B7
phone: 604-943-7407
fax: 604-943-7405
Principal: Terry Ainge

Delta Secondary 8-12 English

4615 - 51st Street
Delta, British Columbia
V4K 2V8
phone: 604-946-4194
fax: 604-946-5162
Principal: Jeanette Beaulieu

Delview Secondary 8-12 English

9111 - 116 Street
Delta, British Columbia
V4C 5W8
phone: 604-594-5491
fax: 604-597-4374
Principal: Morgan Kyle

North Delta Secondary 8-12 English

11447 - 82nd Avenue
Delta, British Columbia
V4C 5J6
phone: 604-596-7471
fax: 604-596-6192
Principal: Carla Rizzardo

Sands Secondary 8-12 English

10840 - 82 Avenue
Delta, British Columbia
V4C 2B3
phone: 604-594-3474
fax: 604-594-1145
Principal: Aaron Akune

Seaquam Secondary 8-12 English

11584 Lyon Road
Delta, British Columbia
V4E 2K4
phone: 604-591-6166
fax: 604-591-5800
Principal: Alex Watson

Learning Centre
Delta Manor Education Centre

4750 57th Street
Delta, British Columbia
V4K 3C9
phone: 604-952-5050
fax: 604-946-0823

Delta Community College

11590 83rd Avenue
Delta, British Columbia
V4C 0C8
phone: 604-594-6100
fax: 604-599-1786
Principal: Dr. Alyson Caouette

Home Quest

11777 Pinewood Drive
Delta, British Columbia
V4E 3E9
phone: 604-597-8353
Principal: Barb Stoliker