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 Coquitlam School District


The Coquitlam school district, includes the cities of Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody and the villages of Anmore and Belcarra and is located 20 minutes from Greater Vancouver.

Coquitlam Elementary Schools

The Coquitlam School district has 45 elementary schools, 14 Middle Schools, 11 Secondary Schools, Coquitlam Continuing Education, Coquitlam Open Learning and Encompass 

Alderson Elementary School

825 Gauthier Ave
BC, V3K 7C4

Phone:       604.939.8301
Fax:           604.939.6571
Email: alderson@sd43.bc.ca 

Anmore Elementary School 

30 Elementary Rd
BC, V3H 4Y6

Phone:       604.469.9926
Fax:            604.469.4806

Office Email: anmore@sd43.bc.ca

Principal's (Ms. Daneault) Email: ndaneault@sd43.bc.ca 

Aspenwood Elementary School 

2001 Panorama Dr
Port Moody
BC, V3H 5G8

Phone:       604.461.7680
Fax:           604.461.7615

Email: aspenwood@sd43.bc.ca

Baker Drive Elementary School

885 Baker Dr
BC, V3J 6W9

Phone:       604 461 5323
Fax:           604 461 2894

Email: bakerdrive@sd43.bc.ca

Principal:  Mrs. Stacey Parmar (until June 30, 2015)

Birchland Elementary School

1331 Fraser Ave
Port Coquitlam
BC, V3B 1M5

Phone:       604.941.3428
Fax:           604.941.7952

Email: birchland@sd43.bc.ca

Blakeburn Elementary School

1040 Riverside Dr
Port Coquitlam
BC, V3B 8A7

Phone        604.944.9037
Fax:           604.944.8634

Email: blakeburn@sd43.bc.ca

Bramblewood Elementary School 

2875 Panorama Dr


BC, V3E 2S7

Phone        604 552 0313

Fax            604 552 2132

Email  bramblewood@sd43.bc.ca

Cape Horn Elementary School 

155 Finnigan St
BC, V3K 5J2

Phone:       604.526.4428
Fax:            604.937-8006

Email: capehorn@sd43.bc.ca 

Castle Park Elementary School

1144 Confederation Dr
Port Coquitlam
BC, V3C 5Y6

Phone:        604.468.8620
Fax:            604.937.8007

Email: castlepark@sd43.bc.ca

Cedar Drive Elementary School 

3150 Cedar Dr
Port Coquitlam
BC, V3B 3C3

Phone:       604.941.3481
Fax:            604.941.3052

Email: cedardrive@sd43.bc.ca

Central Community Elementary School 

2261 Central Ave
Port Coquitlam
BC, V3C 1V8

Phone:      604.941.0355
Fax:           604.941.6421

Email: central@sd43.bc.ca

Coquitlam River Elementary

4250 Shaughnessy St
Port Coquitlam
BC, V3E 3E5

Phone:      604.942.0241
Fax:           604.937.8010

Email: coquitlamriver@sd43.bc.ca

Eagle Ridge Elementary 

1215 Falcon Drive
BC, V3E 1X9

Phone:       604.464.5848
Fax:            604.464.5850

Email: eagleridge@sd43.bc.ca

Glen Elementary 

Phone:       604.464.6608

3064 Glen Dr
BC, V3B 2P9                                        

Email: glen@sd43.bc.ca

Glenayre Elementary School 

495 Glencoe Dr
Port Moody
BC, V3H 1G6

Phone:       604.939.9214
Fax:           604.939.7512

Email:        glenayre@sd43.bc.ca

Hampton Park Elementary School

1760 Paddock Dr


BC, V3E 3N8

Phone        604.464.2549

Fax            604.464.2571

Email         hamptonpark@sd43.bc.ca

Harbour View Elementary School

960 Lillian St


BC, V3J 5C7

Phone        604.936.1494

Fax            604.936.1495

Email         harbourview@sd43.bc.ca 

Hazel Trembath Elementary School 

1278 Confederation Dr

Port Coquitlam

BC, V3C 6L9

Phone        604.941.0517

Fax             604.941.4786

Email          mgordon@sd43.bc.ca

Heritage Mountain Elementry School  

Mrs. Stacey Parmar, Principal, sparmar@sd43.bc.ca

Mrs. K. Godin, Secretary, kgodin@sd43.bc.ca

125 Ravine Dr.,
Port Moody,
BC, V3H 4Z1
Phone     604.469.6407
Fax     604.469.6417
Email     heritagemountain@sd43.bc.ca


Irvine Elementary School

3862 Wellington St
Port Coquitlam
BC, V3B 3Z4
Phone 604.941.3408
Fax 604.941.3886
Email irvine@sd43.bc.ca

James Park Elementary School

1761 Westminster Ave
Port Coquitlam
BC, V3B 1E5
Phone 604.942.6658
Fax 604.936.1495
Email jamespark@sd43.bc.ca

 Kilmer Elementary School 

1575 Knappen St
Port Coquitlam
BC, V3C 2P8
Phone 604.941.3401
Fax 604.937.8019
Email kilmer@sd43.bc.ca

Leigh Elementary School

1230 Soball Rd
BC, V3B 3H7
Phone 604-941-8661
Fax 604-937-8020
Email leigh@sd43.bc.ca

Lord Baden-Powell Elementary School

450 Joyce St
BC, V3K 4G4
Phone     604.936.1436
Fax     604.936.1437
Email lordbadenpowell@sd43.bc.ca

Marry Hill Elementary School 

Principal: Michele Reid


1890 Humber Crescent
Port Coquitlam
BC, V3C 2V7
Phone 604.942.0264
Fax 604.942.3157
Email maryhill@sd43.bc.ca

Meadowbrook Elementary School

900 Sharpe St
BC, V3C 3M3
Phone    604.464.5813
Email meadowbrook@sd43.bc.ca

Miller Park Elementary School 

800 Egmont Avenue.
Coquitlam, BC
V3J 4J8
Phone   604.936.4208
Fax   604.936.4209
Email millerpark@sd43.bc.ca

Moody Elementary School

2717 St. Johns Street
Port Moody, BC
V3H 2B8 

Phone:       604-936-0478
Fax:            604-937-8024

Email:          moody@sd43.bc.ca

Mountain Meadows Elementary School 

999 Noons Creek Dr
Port Moody
BC, V3H 4N3
Phone      604.469.2238
Fax     604.469.0974
Email mountainmeadows@sd43.bc.ca
Twitter @mmeadowssd43

Mountain View Elementary School

740 Smith Ave  


V3J 4E7

 Phone 604 936-7288
 Email mountainview@sd43.bc.ca

Mundy Road Elementary School 

2200 Austin Ave
BC, V3K 3S1
Phone   604.936.4271
Fax   604.936.9627
Email mundyroad@sd43.bc.ca

Nestor Elementary School 

1266 Nestor St
BC, V3E 2A4
Phone 604.464.9422
Fax 604.464.8257
Email nestor@sd43.bc.ca

Panorama Heights Elementary School 

1455 Johnson St
BC, V3E 2T1
Phone     604.944.4840
Fax     604.944.7629
Email panoramaheights@sd43.bc.ca

Parkland Elementary School 

1563 Regan Ave
BC, V3J 3B7
Phone  604.939.1151
Fax  604.936.5469
Email parkland@sd43.bc.ca

Pinetree Way Elementary School 

1420 Pinetree Way
BC, V3E 6A3
Phone   604.945.7011
Email    pinetreeway@sd43.bc.ca

Pleasantside Elementary School 

195 Barber St
Port Moody
BC, V3H 3A8
Phone 604.469.9288
Fax 604.937.8032
Principal Heather Birnie
Email pleasantside@sd43.bc.ca

École Porter Street Elementary School 

728 Porter St
BC, V3J 5B4
Phone 604.936.4296
Fax 604.936.8593

Email          porterstreet@sd43.bc.ca

R.C. MacDonald Elementary School 

2550 Leduc Ave
BC, V3K 5W6
Phone    604.936.0447
Fax    604.936.0448
Email rcmacdonald@sd43.bc.ca


Ranch Park Elementary School

2701 Spuraway Rd
BC, V3C 2C4
Phone    604.464.6684
Fax    604.464.8593
Email   ranchpark@sd43.bc.ca

Riverview Park Elementary School

700 Clearwater Way
BC, V3C 6A3
Phone    604.945.7004
Fax    604.945.7009
Email riverviewpark@sd43.bc.ca

Rochester Elementary School

411 Schoolhouse St
Coquitlam, B.C.
BC, V3K 4Y7
Phone   604.939.4624
Fax    604.937.8037
Email rochester@sd43.bc.ca

Roy Stibbs Elementary School 

600 Fairview St
BC, V3J 4A7
Phone   604.939.2486
Fax   604.939.2487
Email roystibbs@sd43.bc.ca

Seaview Community Elementary School

1215 Cecile Dr
Port Moody
BC, V3H 1N2
Phone   604.936.9991
Fax   604.936.9992
Email  seaview@sd43.bc.ca

Walton Elementary School 

2960 Walton Ave
BC, V3B 6V6
Phone 604.941.1962
Fax 604.941.3867
Email walton@sd43.bc.ca

Westwood Elementary School 

3610 Hastings St
Port Coquitlam
BC, V3B 4N6
Phone 604.464.2421
Fax 604.464.2420
Email westwood@sd43.bc.ca

Coquitlam District Middle Schools

Ecole Banting Middle School

820 Banting St

BC  V3J 4J4
Phone:       604 939-9247
Fax:            604 937-8041 

Email:          banting@sd43.bc.ca

Citadel Middle School

1265 Citadel Drive                     
Port Coquitlam, BC
V3C 5X6
Phone:       604-945-6187
Fax:            604-937-8042

Principal Ms. Abby Soh asoh@sd43.bc.ca

Vice Principal Ms. Kathryn Jung kjung@sd43.bc.ca

Como Lake Middle School

1121 King Albert Avenue, 
Coquitlam, B.C. 
V3J 1X8. 

Phone:       604-936-1451
FAX:           604-937-8043

Our principal is Mr. Darren Stewart
Our vice principal is Ms Elspeth Anjos

Eagle Mountain Middle School

110 Dogwood Drive, 
Anmore, BC 
V3H 5G1

Phone:       604-469-1133 

Fax:            604-937-8065 

Email:         eaglemountain@sd43.bc.ca

Hillcrest Middle School

2161 Regan Ave.,
Coquitlam, BC
V3J 3C5
Phone:       604-936-4237
Fax:           604-936-4239
email:         epfingsten@sd43.bc.ca

Kwayhquitlum Middle School

3280 Flint Street
Port Coquitlam, BC
V3B 4J2

Phone:       604-942-1835

Fax:           604-942-6701

Email:        kwayhquitlum@sd43.bc.ca

École Mallard Middle School

1300 Rochester Avenue
Coquitlam, British Columbia
V3K 2X5  
Ph:             604-931-3574

E-mail        maillard@sd43.bc.ca

École Maple Creek Middle School

3700 Hastings Street,


BC V3B 5K7

Phone:       604-464-8581

Fax:            604-461-7832

Email:         maplecreek@sd43.bc.ca

Minnekhada Middle School

1390 Laurier Avenue 
Port Coquitlam
BC  V3E 2B8 
Phone:        604.942.0261
Fax:            604.937-6874


Email:         minnekhada@sd43.bc.ca

Montgomery Middle School 

1900 Edgewood Avenue
Coquitlam, BC
V3K 2Y1

Ph.              604-939-7367
Fax              604-939-7828
Principal - Mr. Rob McFaul - rmcfaul@sd43.bc.ca

Vice Principal - Ms. Dawn Holden - dholden@sd43.bc.ca

École Moody Middle School of the Arts

3115 St. Johns Street

Port Moody, BC

V3H 2C6

Phone:       604.461.7384   

Fax:            604.937.8047  

Email:         moodymiddlesecretary@sd43.bc.ca

Pitt River Community Middle School 

2070 Tyner Street
Port Coquitlam, BC
V3C 2Z1

Phone:       604-942-0267 

Fax:           604-941-2711

Email:         pittriver@sd43.bc.ca

Scott Creek Middle School

1240 Lansdowne Dr.

Coquitlam, BC

V3E 3E7  

Phone:        604.945.0156

Email:          scottcreek@sd43.bc.ca

Summit Middle School

1450 Parkway Blvd,

Coquitlam, BC  

V3E 3L2 

Tel:             604.944.8273

Fax:            604.944.1739

E-mail:        PRINCIPAL@sd43.bc.ca

Coquitlam Secondary Schools

CABE Secondary School

1411 Foster Avenue
BC, V3J 2N1

Phone        604-939-4522
Fax            604-939-4637 
E-mail        cabe@sd43.bc.ca

Centennial Secondary School 

570 Poirier St.


BC V3J 6A8  

Phone:        604.936.7205   

Fax:             604.937.8051  

Email:          centennial@sd43.bc.ca

Dr. Charles Best Secondary School

2525 Como Lake Avenue 
Coquitlam, BC 
V3J 3R8 

Phone         604.461.5581 
Fax              604.461.3913

Email            charlesbest@sd43.bc.ca

Gleneagle Secondary School 

1195 Lansdowne Dr

Coquitlam, BC,

V3B 7Y8  

Tel:             604.464.5793  

Fax:            604.937.8054 

Email:         gleneagle@sd43.bc.ca

Heritage Woods Secondary School 

1300 David Avenue

Port Moody, BC

V3H 5K6  

Phone:      604.461.8679   

Fax:           604.937.8055  

Email:        heritagewoods@sd43.bc.ca  

Coquitlam Open Learning Inquiry Hub 

Millside Centre, 

1432 Brunette Ave,

Coquitlam, BC V3K 1G5

Phone:       604-936-4285

Lead Administrator: David Truss – Vice Principal
Principal: Michael McGlenen

Email:         admin@inquiryhub.org

Pinetree Secondary 

3000 Pinewood Avenue
Coquitlam, BC V3B 7Y7
Phone:        604.464.2513
Fax:            604.937.8056

Email:         pinetree@sd43.bc.ca

Port Moody Secondary School 

300 Albert Street
Port Moody BC V3H 2M5

Tel.             604-939-6656
Fax.            604-939-5833

Principal:          Karen Jensen, email: kjensen@sd43.bc.ca
Vice-Principal:  Andrew Lloyd, email: alloyd@sd43.bc.ca
Vice-Principal:  Jill Reid, email: jreid@sd43.bc.ca

Riverside Secondary School

2215 Reeve Street
Port Coquitlam, B.C. 
V3C 6K8
Phone:       604 941 6053
fax:             604 941 2639 

email: riverside@sd43.bc.ca

Suwa'lkh Secondary School 

1432 Brunette Avenue,

Coquitlam, B.C.  

V3K 1G5   

Phone:      604 523 6011  

email:        suwalkh@sd43.bc.ca

Terry Fox Secondary School

1260 Riverwood Gate
Port Coquitlam, BC, V3B 7Z5
Phone:       604-941-5401
Fax:            604-937-8059

Email:          terryfox@sd43.bc.ca

Coquitlam Continuing Education

Our Locations

Our head office and primary program location is Montgomery Centre.

Coquitlam Learning Opportunity Centre (CLOC) provides a broad range of self-paced and online courses.

Most night school classes are offered at Gleneagle Secondary.





1) For refunds and course cancellation requests cerefunds@sd43.bc.ca


2) Student accounts ceaccounts@sd43.bc.ca


3) Vocational, please browse our website www.vocationalprograms.ca


4) General inquiries, please browse our website www.ce43.com or call our office at 604-936-4261


5) Summer Learning, please browse our website www.summerlearningcoquitlam.ca



Learning Locations

Montgomery Centre

380 Montgomery Street  (Map)
Coquitlam, BC V3K 5G2 
604 936 4261

M & F 8:30-3:30PM
Tu-Th 8:30-7:30PM

Coquitlam Learning Opportunity Centre (CLOC)

104 - 2748 Lougheed Hwy (Map)                          
Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 6P2 
604 945 4211


M-Th 10:00-2:00PM 
M-Th 5:00-9:00PM

*Closed in August

Millside Centre

1432 Brunette Avenue (Map)

Coquitlam, BC, V3K 1G5


M-F 8:30-3:30PM

Vanier Centre

1600 King Albert  Avenue (Map)

Coquitlam, BC, V3J 1Y5


M-F 8:30-3:00PM

Night School Location

Gleneagle Secondary  (Map)
1195 Lansdowne Drive 
Coquitlam, BC V3B 7Y8
604 464 5793


T & Th After 6:00PM only

Other Locations in School District #43

Mountain View Elementary (Map)

740 Smith Avenue Coquitlam

Heritage Woods Secondary(Map)

1300 David Ave Port Moody


Pinetree Secondary (Map)

3000 Pinewood Avenue


City Centre Library (Map)

1169 Pinetree Way

Port Moody Public Library (Map)

100 Newport Drive 

Port Coquitlam Public Library(Map)

Terry Fox
2470 Mary Hill Rd 


Encompass K-9 / Coquitlam Open Learning 

Vanier Centre
1600 King Albert Ave.
Coquitlam, BC
V3J 1Y5
Phone:       604.945.7311


Encompass is currently in the process of changing their name from Coquitlam Open Learning to Encompass. 


Encompass K-9 is a distributed learning program that offers students from Kindergarten to Grade Nine a unique full-time option tailored to the needs of each student.  


Distributed learning programs meet the provincial learning outcomes for each grade level under the direction and supervision of a certified teacher. 

Grades 10 -12 Program

The Inquiry Hub is a full-time secondary school program, offering grade 8-12 students innovative, technology-driven, full-time studies.  The Inquiry Hub allows students to pursue their own learning questions by shaping their educational experience around interests instead of structured classes.

Adult Learning

Upgrade High School Credit courses for post-secondary programs or work towards an Adult Dogwood Diploma. We offer Blended Delivery Courses, Upgrade Courses and Continual Entry Courses.
For more information visit inquiryhub.org